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How To Get More For Your Horses

Thursday, 14 August 2014 by

Most people don’t get what a negotiation really is. It’s not fear, power, or position. If you think it is, that’s how you will lose.

Free admission for Oxford at Brenau MBAs.

To succeed with a fast growth company, you need to be a quitter.

You know something that is often overlooked in business? Having fun at work.

The traditional convenience store pricing strategy is now being threatened by Walmart

Talk about a hotbed of true entrepreneurial activity – I recently saw it and felt it at the Ace Hotel in New York

if you want to relax and recharge with peace of mind then you better stay “plugged in”

Loretta Lynn’s big 1974 hit “Trouble in Paradise,” opened with the lyric “I can see it and I know the signs so well.”

I call it the Whopper Strategy – tell a lie long enough and loud enough and soon enough people will accept it as fact

I am calling a “time-out” on the reading of any more articles, books, or publications on the subject of company culture. I can’t take it anymore.