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The Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

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The premier group for leading entrepreneurs.

The Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs is an independent organization that brings together second stage and high growth entrepreneurs interested in accelerating their growth. With over 90% of our members being CEOs or business owners, The Oxford Center offers unrivaled opportunities to build and enhance relationships with other leaders and entrepreneurs. Members learn rapidly through the shared failures and successes of others, driving them to make better business decisions and improve business performance.

Our Symposiums have featured distinguished speakers that have grown companies to billions of dollars in revenues, while our Roundtable events provide education on current business issues as well as forums for members to share their insights and push each other’s thinking forward. The Oxford Center equips members with best practices that have been battle-tested and proven effective by their fellow Oxford Center Entrepreneurs, and assures that they make Commerce Connections that can help drive their own growth as well as their companies’ success.

The Oxford Center has partnered with Brenau to provide Oxford MBA program participants exclusive access to this group. You can further explore the mission and history of the Oxford Center through the short videos below.

Real World Risk Takers:


The Oxford Center hosts several world class roundtables and symposiums every year, featuring participants such as Bob Nardelli, Jim Jacoby, and many other entrepreneurial leaders. Oxford Center CEO Roundtables provide a forum for top level CEOs and experienced entrepreneurs to have candid discussions on challenges facing businesses today. The invaluable opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of peers often not only leads to the insight needed to overcome barriers blocking one's own company from the next level of success, but also to discovering new opportunities.

Real World Education:


The Oxford Center has members In all types of industries, and when demand has become great enough, we've hosted seminars for specific member groups. Doctors run businesses too (some of our members manage dozens of offices) but usually don't have time for another degree. The Oxford Center offers a great place for them to learn and share what they've learned with others. "Doctorpreneur" presents a great example of the dynamic, action-oriented nature of our sessions.

Member Profiles:


James Greenhouses

The Oxford Center has a long legacy of moving entrepreneurs to the next level. This short video profiles two of our members. With the help of the experience and knowledge of the Oxford Center, Ken and Leah James learned navigate and then thrive in an industry they love.

Elite Entrepreneur Training:

Entrepreneur 2.0

The Oxford Center's Entrepreneur 2.0 course has helped many CEOs and business leaders set a growth course for their companies. The elements that made this program so popular and successful have been incorporated into the Oxford at Brenau curriculum so students can accelerate their learning curve and quickly find themselves thriving amongst these other successful leaders.

About the Founder:

Cliff OxfordCliff Oxford started his career at U.P.S., where he developed a technologically advanced help-desk system that was recognized for saving the company more than $250 million in its first year. In 1995, he left U.P.S. to start STI Knowledge, an information technology company with offices in the United States, Britain, South Africa, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines that made the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America three years in a row. After selling the company, Mr. Oxford endowed Emory University’s executive M.B.A. program. Through the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs he has spent years encouraging economic development by helping business owners survive the pitfalls of fast growth.

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