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Oxford at Brenau

Oxford at Brenau – an MBA education taken to the next level — best-in-class academics with a real business platform of commerce and connections.

Oxford at Brenau is the world leader in MBA entrepreneur education.  A fully accredited MBA program, Oxford at Brenau offers learning expectations and experience.  Our students will set the standard in building and leading companies instead of working for someone else.

Traditional classroom lectures are coming to an end – fast-thinkers and innovators who want to build their own company need a hands-on education.  The world looks very different from behind a desk, and that’s the disadvantage other programs give their students.  Oxford at Brenau grants you membership to the Oxford Center, an elite group of entrepreneurs who have all been through the grinder and come out the other side a success.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are famous college dropouts.  They didn’t have the patience to sit and learn what business as usual looks like.  They got their hands dirty and built empires by innovating.  That’s what Oxford at Brenau teaches you.  It’s a revolutionary education experience that even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would have stayed in.

Here we might say to follow in Jobs’ and Gates’ footsteps – they were innovative mavericks who’s drive and determination are the kind of qualities Oxford at Brenau students need to succeed.  But we won’t teach you to follow in anyone’s footsteps.

Make others follow in yours.

While Oxford at Brenau promotes education innovation and vision, Brenau University has been around since 1878.