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MBA with Business Advisory

Business Advisory

For those with an existing business or ready to start one, the MBA with Business Advisory program provides that highest level of service that is simply unlike anything else. While you’re earning your MBA, you and your company will be assigned a business advisory team of 3-5 Oxford Center expert entrepreneurs aligned with your industry market and customer segment. Your team of experts will analyze your business plan and activities to find problems and help you develop solutions. Multi-day workshops will take place twice a year to teach you real skills entrepreneurs need to know. On-demand consulting will allow you to get answers when you need them, and regular progress check-ins will make sure you stay on the right track.

The Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

Oxford Entrepreneur MBAs become full members of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, a program that cultivates a mentoring and funding environment among MBA students, business leaders, and private equity. Typically only accessible to established CEOs and business owners, this group gives students incomparable benefits that include access to CEO roundtable discussions and symposiums featuring preeminent entrepreneurs, high-level networking, and much more. Those in the Business Advisory program also have access to the 30+ yearly Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta events, which are otherwise accessible exclusively to Harvard alumni and select top-tier business school graduates.

“Go Global” International Experience

The “Go Global” experience takes you abroad to see how international entrepreneurs are competing in the global market. Meet with fast-growth entrepreneurs as well as other business leaders and even government officials to understand what it takes to succeed in any environment. This trip is not required for the program but is highly recommended and can count for 3 course credits, replacing one of the concentration classes. It will be offered multiple times throughout the year and last from 7-20 days depending on location and other variables.

“Chartered-online” means real-time academic learning with scheduled classes and direct interactions with faculty and entrepreneurial leaders.

Program Curriculum

Core MBA classes provide students the global knowledge to succeed in a large or small business environment, while the entrepreneur MBA concentration is best-in-class in educating students how to start a business and grow it to the next level. Academics are taken through “Chartered on-line” courses while real-world immersion takes place through Oxford Center activities. Learn more about our curriculum here.

Business Escalator Resources

The MBA with Business Advisory program offers students the following resources in developing a fast-growth company:

  • Office space at the Oxford Center University Business Escalator
  • Office resources at the Oxford Center University Business Escalator (data lines, phone lines, printers/ copiers, etc.)
  • Connections to Oxford Center strategic partners
  • Guided implementation of the 7S model
  • Regular meetings with an industry advisory counsel
  • Access to angel investors and private equity network
  • Monthly Board of Advisors meeting with selected experts