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Frequently Asked Questions

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Admissions are ongoing so you can apply any time. New classes start every 6 weeks. Check our registration and academic calendars for more details.

Scholarships are offered by many organizations, some of which are listed here. Veterans should look at the possible VA educational benefit offerings. The Oxford Center may offer scholarships based on entrepreneurial assignments and previous experience. You can begin by emailing us to tell us a little bit more about your background.

MBA Programs


Yes - academic courses are taken on-line through our instructor led, chartered on-line program, so can be completed from anywhere in the world. These courses will be supplemented by off-site symposiums and other education and networking events through the Oxford Center designed to build real-world entrepreneurial connections and skills. These can be attended in-person in (primarily in Atlanta, GA, USA) or viewed via interactive simulcasts.

CEO Apprenticeships must be done in-person, so students that live in remote areas wanting to enroll in the CEO Apprentice program should contact the Oxford Center to make sure we have suitable entrepreneurs in your area. Similarly, the Business Advisory program may require entrepreneurs familiar with your area, so applicants in remote areas should speak with an Oxford Center representative before proceeding with enrollment.

No. In the "Chartered-online" environment, professors and faculty entrepreneurs will pace the material just as they would for on campus courses.

Students take one class every 5 weeks, then typically have a week in between sessions, so the program can be completed in less than 2 years.

Classes last only 5 weeks so are designed to be taken one at a time.

Core courses are taught by Brenau faculty members, many of which have strong business backgrounds as well as doctorates or other advanced degrees in their respective fields. Concentration courses will be directed by a faculty member as well as assigned a successful entrepreneur expert.

While you can take any number of supplemental hours, the entrepreneur MBA is carefully designed to teach specific, critical skills at an accelerated pace, so only the classes listed on the curriculum page can qualify as credits in the program. The sole exception is the CEO Apprenticeship program, which counts for 3 credit hours and can substitute for one concentration course (which course to replace will depend on your background and Apprenticeship experience and should be decided along with your advisor).

CEO Apprenticeship

The CEO Apprenticeship is a program that places students side-by-side with successful CEOs of entrepreneurial businesses. This approach provides a hands-on learning that no other MBA program can offer.

Yes. Brenau and Oxford Center advisors will work closely with students to select a business that suits their needs and interests.

Yes. Approved internships as well as CEO Apprenticeships can be counted for credit.