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Oxford CEO Apprenticeship program

The Oxford CEO Apprenticeship Program is designed to connect top students and industry talent with leading CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Below is an outline of the program guidelines.
1) The assignment is for 3 months.
2) Every selected apprentice candidate will be required to finish an assessment.
3) All apprentices will be required to attend an orientation.
4) Your work day and hours will be handled directly with your assigned company.
5) You will be expected to be uncomfortable and go outside your comfort zone to add value to the company.
6) You will be given access as assistants to top-level entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations.
7) The Oxford Center will market you to all available jobs.
8) You are not guaranteed a job at the end of your assignment.
9) If you complete the program within the assigned time period, you will be given a certificate of completion for the Oxford Center Apprentice Program.
10) You will receive a stipend 30 days after commencement of the program and every 30 days thereafter for the duration of the program.