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[Past Event] CEO Roundtable – January 31st 2014

by / Tuesday, 17 December 2013 / Published in Events, Past Events

We’re glad to kick off our 2014 CEO Roundtables with Harvard Business School.  We are pleased they are making the trip from Boston to be with us.  Below is the agenda.

January 31st CEO Roundtable Agenda
  1. What to Know – Two Harvard Frameworks for Business Education
  2. How to Grow a Winning Culture – more Wolf, less Lassie?
  3. When to Exit – How to Know When You’re Done
  4. Hot Seats
    • due diligence completed
    • John Souza and Dr. Mark McKenna reveal the new ramp for national roll-out
    • What Now Atlanta – openings/closings update
  5. Hot Topics
    • How to cultivate a self-policing culture
    • Why everything I knew about leadership is now wrong – context vs. control
    • Stay or sell (exit chart)
    • How the industry finds it “customary” to screw entrepreneurs on the sale
    • How to exit before you invest more in infrastructure
    • How to explain the past and sell the future
  6. The Dissection of the New Sales Machine
    • The inconvenient truth of entrepreneurship: Nothing happens until we sell something
    • Avoid sales pitfalls that trap 80% of entrepreneurs
    • Which 2 of your 3 sales people should leave?
  7. Business Match Live
    • Every member will leave with at least one new customer connection

Oxford at Brenau program participants can click here and register now to reserve your seat at what will undoubtedly be one of our most exciting Roundtables ever!